Actionable Insight Into Wi-Fi Device Performance

Client Device Testing White Paper With the mass adoption of the 802.11n standard, Wi-Fi has quickly evolved from being a “nice to have” to serving as the primary (or only) network interface used by today’s high-powered applications:

  • Cloud-based services such as ,, Dropbox, and Microsoft Lync
  • Real-time streaming video and conferencing
  • Unified Communications (UC) services such as WebEx combining voice, video, and data
  • Mobile patient care and “life-and-death” monitoring in healthcare facilities
  • Ubiquitous mobile “hot spots”
  • Offloading of smartphone traffic from cellular service networks

Performance expectations continue to rise as more and more users bring mobile devices with them everywhere they go, demanding applications work instantly and reliably, everywhere, every time, and over every network. Amidst the rapid change, many smartphones, laptops, tablets, printers, scanners, patient monitors, and other purpose-built mobile devices are already being pushed to the limit.

In releasing new products, manufacturers of mobile devices must get it right the first time or risk damage to their invaluable brand reputation, lost revenues, even financial liability. To avoid risk while meeting aggressive release schedules, actionable insight into performance is needed early on—and throughout the product lifecycle—to harden and optimize designs.

Optimizing Wi-Fi: Not Just Another Network Interface…

Mobile device manufacturers cannot afford to rely solely upon certification testing by the Wi-Fi Alliance as this testing does not address the dynamics of live networks. Proactive, comprehensive performance assessment is needed throughout the product lifecycle to address diverse challenges unique to Wi-Fi:

  • Delivering sufficient raw throughout to support voice, high-definition (HD) video, and UC
  • Maintaining connectivity / coexistence with multiple WLAN accesspoints and clients
  • Guaranteeing end-user QoE on real-time, multimedia applications
  • Range and roaming issues that arise as devices move between and away from access points (APs)
  • Interferenceas more devices operate on unlicensed bands shared by microwaves, Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, etc.
  • Optimizing performance with diverse security mechanisms enabled
  • Backward compatibility with legacy 802.11a/b/g and 802.11n implementations
  • Radar standards compliancein 802.11ac environments that use 5 GHz bands exclusively

“Gold Standard” Testing for the Mobile Device Lifecycle

Ixia offers the industry’s only comprehensive Wi-Fi performance assessment reaching from the lab to live customer deployments. Ixia Wi-Fi test systems and Professional Services assessments are the preferred test solutions of mobile device and WLAN infrastructure manufacturers, and are used by hundreds of the world’s largest equipment manufacturers, service providers, and enterprises to optimize deployments at corporate campuses and large public venues.


The Wi-Fi industry gold standard, Ixia’s IxVeriWave solutions help manufacturers of both traditional mobile devices – laptops, smartphones, notebooks – and purpose-built equipment such as patient monitors, scanners, and printers to simulate live network environments and “what if” scenarios, and to replicate field issues in the lab.  QoE is measured for each application—voice, video, Web, data—from the end-user perspective.

Ixia Wi-Fi client testing delivers distinct, increasingly critical business advantages:

  • Brand protection through better performing products that meet user expectations and SLAs while avoiding liability
  • Compelling marketing differentiation with claims not only documented but easily reproduced
  • Accelerated time to market through reduced test and development cycles and rapid identification and resolution of potential design issues
  • High end-user satisfaction that promotes brand loyalty
  • Reduced cost through automation and efficient, repeatable test configuration
  • Rapid problem resolution that safeguards satisfaction and ROI in new products

Built for Wi-Fi testing from the ground up, Ixia solutions feature the critical components of effective mobile client testing:

  • Traffic generation: for simulating complex live network deployments and “what if” scenarios
  • Automation: enabling hundreds of tests to be run and repeated unattended
  • Performance analysis: rapid delivery of actionable insights for hardening designs, optimizing performance, and replicating and remediating field issues

Ixia offers the only industry-standard, purpose-built test solutions and insights needed to meet the rigorous requirements of today’s fast-paced mobile arena. Comprehensive testing overcomes the risks inherent in releasing new products too soon—or not soon enough—ensuring successful launches and customer support out of the gate.

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